Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Chair on hardwood floorIf you sit for long hours, it is essential to invest in a high-quality chair. Also, it is equally important to make sure your hardwood floor is fully protected.

With the advancement in the making of chairs, most office chairs are equipped with a movement system. Most people tend to move around the office while seated as a result of the tiresome and day-long sitting in the office. This behavior is very common, and sometimes people do it unconsciously. While it may save your time and energy, it could end up ruining your precious and beautiful hardwood floor. To avoid causing damage to your hardwood floor, you should highly consider purchasing the chair mat.

With a perfect chair mat, you will maintain high productivity, while reducing fatigue and protecting the floor at the same time too. This is one of the multiple benefits of having a chair mat. Chair mats also protect the floor from spills, indentations, and scuffs, thus increasing the durability of your floor. The mats come in different sizes, colors, and texture to give your office an enhanced aesthetic value and act as an office decor. While choosing the best chair mat for hardwood floor, you should consider the following factors; durability, cost, size, shape, and surface among other factors.

List of 5 best chair mats for hardwood floors in 2019

Brand NameFeaturesMaterialSizeColorsPrice
Ilyapa (Editor's Choice)Bright, smooth on top, has grips on the bottom sidePlastic30"x48", 30"x48" w/Lip, 36"x48", 36"x48" w/Lip, 59"x47"TransparentCheck Price
Lesonic (runner-up)Eco-friendlyPlastic47"x35"BlackCheck Price
KuyalDurablePVC30"x48", 30"x48" w/Lip, 36"x48", 36"x48" w/Lip, 48"x59"TranslucentCheck Price
LesonicVery thick studded bottom side to enhance anti-skidding100% polythene47"x35"Dark Cherry, WhiteCheck Price
MuArtsUpgraded thickness and sturdy, free from volatile toxinsPlexiglass47"x35"x0.2"TransparentCheck Price
SomoluxMore flexible than other matsPVC48"x36"x0.1"Highly TransparentCheck Price

1. Ilyapa – Best Office Chair and Desk Mat for Hardwood Floors

When you consider buying a chair mat for your house or office, you should consider purchasing this mat.

The mat is built with highly durable PVC materials to ensure it lasts long and withstands any office or home chair.

Aside from durability, the mat ensures your floor is protected at all times.

It protects the floor from curls, discoloration, and odor. This mat is perfect for hardwood, tile, concrete, laminate, and vinyl floors.

Besides preventing your floor and chair from wear and tear, this a clear chair mat still displays the aesthetic value for your floor. The surface of this floor is enhanced to ensure that you glide smoothly across the office while still protecting you from falling off from your chair.

Furthermore, the mat does not glide along with the chair and acts as a perfect lamination to the floor. It is flexible and highly versatile. As a kind gesture of concern for your health, your family’s health and the health of those who work with you, Ilyapa chair mat is a recommended brand.

Unlike other brands, this mat is shipped flat rather than the conventional rolled-up design. This ensures the mat arrives flawless and users do not waste time to straighten the mat. However, it may be shipped rolled up at times which may take you up to a day straightening it.

Performance and technical issues

The Ilyapa home and office mat are transparent. For this reason, the mat does not tamper with the aesthetic nature of your home or office floor. It is flexible and smooth on one side to ensure you roll freely on the topside. The side facing the floor has grips to ensure the mat grips the floor perfectly and prevent it from moving around the office or house.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, the mat comes with a guaranteed one year warranty and customers can register for a lifetime warranty on their website too.

Why recommended

Ilyapa office and home chair mat are highly recommended for its highly affordable price alongside the maximum protection it offers to your floors. This mat offers the chairs a perfect grip while it remains attached to the floor firmly without moving a single inch. Furthermore, the mat can be used to protect a number of floors including the hardwood floors. The mite is delivered in a size of your choice in a quality packaging and thus protects the floor adequately. It is one of the most transparent chair mats available in the market today.

  • It is easy to clean
  • Made from sturdy, durable materials
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Scuff and slip resistant
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • It is clear, and your floor is easily seen
  • The lip on the mat protects the floor under the desk from damage
  • It cannot be used for carpeting
  • At times it may come rolled up depending on size, and you may need to flatten it
  • Some customers felt it as too thin and soft

2. Lesonic – Best Eco-friendly Computer Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floors

Lesonic chair mat is one appropriate mat that will perfectly fit any hardwood floor. This quality mat is made from durable polythene materials which makes it thick and sturdy to assure customers a life-long service.

The mat is ideal for use for all types of chairs ensuring maximum floor protection under all circumstances.

Due to its large size, this mat is highly reliable for the full range of chairs.

Made from 100% polythene, the mat is odorless, PVC free, Non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free. The mat is also free from metals such as tin and Lead to ensure that your indoor environment is healthy and protected from any pollution.

The classic black color of the mat gives your house or office a classy and slick look. This mat maintains its shape over time, thus, complementing the aesthetic value of your floor. The material used in making this mat prevents it from gassing off and therefore your office environment is ever friendly. It is the best mat for rolling chair and desk.

Performance and technical issues

The Lesonic black office mat is super durable, does not bend crack, discolor or scratch the floor. The mat is built with a unique design and texture on the top to ensure you smoothly glide over the mat with your office chair without leaving rolling marks on the floor while reducing the risk of leg fatigue significantly.

This mat is only designed for hard floors made from hardwood, tile, vinyl, and linoleum only.

The mat is made from profoundly analyzed raw materials which makes it outstanding in the market among all the other chair mats. To ensure customers experience the best service, the product is packed together with anti-curling clippers which should be used to hold the mat firmly on the edges to avoid the unwanted curly edges. The mat is highly resistant and never cracks. To add on, it is always in its place to ensure efficiency on protecting the floor.

It is designed in a robust and durable, and it stays looking new over time. After you lay it down, the mart is hard to notice as it looks like a part of the floor. Also, cleaning the mat is easy using a damp soapy cloth. The size is big enough to cover the office area that you cover with your set to ensure the seat never leaves the mat.

Why recommended

This brand is highly recommended as it comes with a bunch of goodies. The mat is multipurpose. It can be used under chairs, desks, ornaments, office plants, amongst others. The mat is highly rigid, and thus it can support heavy equipment.

The mat is enhanced with an anti-skidding back which ensures the mat holds firmly to the floor while in use. This mat not only protects the floor but also protects the chair, appliances and you as well from falling as a result of your chair sling as you sit.

Customers are offered a 12 months guarantee warranty on this product as well as a full money back guarantee.

  • It is eco-friendly
  • Made from highly durable materials
  • Suitable for underfloor heating of up to 120 degrees
  • It can be utilized for multiple purposes
  • Has a unique texture for both sides
  • Each mat comes with anti-curling rug clippers
  • Gives your floor an attractive look
  • Not meant for carpets
  • It takes a day to flatten completely
  • Curling edges
  • The mat may move slightly on tile floors

3. Kuyal transparent PVC Mat

The kuyal chair mat is designed for hard floors only and is not recommended for carpet.

The mat is not equipped with grippers, and instead, it is coated with an anti-glide coating underside to ensure it holds firmly to the floor as well as ensure the mat stays in place all the time.

To keep your indoor environmental health and ensure your furniture gets maximum protection, the mat is made from highly researched and analyzed materials. The material has no toxins, no phthalate, no tin, lead, or cadmium products which are harmful to the environment.

Being made from PVC material, this mat is ergonomically designed to enhance ease of movement and gliding with your chair in the office. This ensures a significant reduction in leg fatigue as you need not to strain while moving and sliding around.

Performance and technical issues

When you want to ensure that your hardwood floor is perfectly protected, this is the chair mat to go for. Besides, the mat is also compatible for use on concrete, tile, stone, vinyl, and laminate floors too. This proves the chair mat to be very flexible and versatile too. To make it a perfect match for use on hard floors, this mat is designed with a smooth and easy to glide surface. This surface also ensures that your seat never slides as you want to sit. The bottom side is perfectly designed to ensure the mat does not move an inch from the space of placement.

Why recommended

For the hardwood and the aforementioned hard floors, this chair mat is highly recommended. The mat effectively helps to prevent the damage caused on hard floors by seat casters and wheels attached to seats for natural movement.

It also prevents cracking, discoloration, and scratching of the floor. The mat barely curls around the corners but maintains a flat shape as soon as it is set on the floor. Besides being used for multiple floors, this mat also can be used for numerous purposes such as protecting the floor, computers, and other office appliances.

  • Made from soft yet lasting materials reliable for long-term use
  • Reduces friction between the floor and seat casters preventing the floor from scratching
  • Have a smooth surface that allows your seat to glide easily
  • Gives your floor and furniture the best protection
  • Makes scuffing less visible due to a dull polished surface
  • It is transparent to allow your floor to shine through with a specially treated surface
  • It is easy to flatten out and does not have the unpleasant vinyl smell
  • Not recommended for carpeted floors
  • The mat is very thin and soft according to some customers
  • It may slightly slide

4. Lesonic

This is a highly regarded carpet for heavy duty purposes. The carpet stands out among the other carpets in terms of durability, quality, affordability, safety.

In terms of thickness, this mat measures one eight of an inch which helps the corners of the mat stay put on the ground and allow your seat to glide effortlessly ensuring that the wheels do not sink.

This is a multi-purpose mat as it can be used under chairs, ornaments, and as a support of any heavy duty office equipment due to its notable thickness.

This mat helps you to keep your floor fresh just like it is new. The material used to make this carpet does not interfere with the color and look of your office decor instead, it maintains its quality. While replacing floors and carpets is costly, using this mat would be the best way to protect your floor from any damage ultimately.

 It is for hard floors only .

Performance and technical issues

On the underside, this chair mat is studded to give it a firm grip on the floor. The mat does not move around the room. Each mat is packed alongside with rug grippers which are used to ensure the mat is securely stable and stuck on the floor.

These grippers also act as anti-curling agents to ensure that the chair, the mat, and you stay in place all the time. This mat is made from a unique texture and with a particular design to enhance the ease of gliding and thus reduce the risk of leg fatigue considerably.

Why it is recommended

This mat is made from pure polythene materials that are eco-friendly to ensure a healthy working and living environment. The materials are 100% recyclable and do not have any unpleasant smell. Also, this mat is highly durable.

It effectively prevents your floor from discoloration, scratching, and cracking. Due to its notable thickness, the mat is hard to break or bend. The anti-skid texture on the underside provides a complete cover and safety of the user restraining the seat movement as well as the skidding of the mat while on use.

In addition, the mat comes with entire money back sixty days guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty to ensure the customers are fully satisfied.

  • It does not have an unpleasant smell
  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • It is super durable
  • Designed with an anti-skid texture
  • Made from 100% polythene
  • Not suitable for use on carpet floors as it is made for hardwood floors only
  • It takes almost a day to flatten
  • Requires one to put some heavy materials on corners to ensure the edges flatten up

5. MuArts – The Thickest Crystal Clear Chair Mat: Durable Protection

The next item on our list might be the most reliable product to prevent scratching your office hardwood floor. With a weight of 14 lb and a thickness of 0.2 inches, this MuArt chair mat is very tough and heavy; probably the best of all competitor mats.

Thanks to its transparent look, the chair mat resembles a large piece of glass. However, unlike glass mats, it’s completely shockproof. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sweep up broken fragments around the office! The MuArt mat is made of environmentally-friendly, non-toxic materials that can withstand loads up to 1200 lb. It can’t be folded or curved, so it remains completely flat during shipping and use.

This chair mat is suitable for both carpeted and hardwood floors. Thanks to its load distributing attributes, it does not leave impressions on soft surfaces and it also; protects wooden flooring being damaged. It suits any interior: highlighting your sophisticated taste without distracting attention from the office ensemble.

Some users report that the mat sometimes moves with the chair. If this is a problem, then after unpacking the mat, peel the protective white film from one side only and put that side face down on the floor. Now, it should stop sliding. If you have already removed the protective film, place an anti-slippery rag under it.

Performance and Technical Issues

Moving a chair around the MuArt mat is easy as ever. The chair wheels ride on the slippery flat surface without damaging it. However, expect tiny flaws to appear over time. Anyway, wouldn’t you rather purchase a chair mat and have it ruined instead of your carpet or hardwood floor? Everything under the mat will remain perfectly protected. Even though the mat itself may be scratched slightly by chair wheels and shoe soles, it is thick enough to last many years without splitting or breaking.

The seller is determined to give you the most affordable experience, and offers a 1-year warranty. You can also contact customer support anytime to get all your questions answered.

Why Recommended

This safe and odor-free transparent chair mat is a good addition for your office. It’s durable enough to withstand very heavy loads. If your previous mat didn’t last long, then be assured that this one will last for years.

  • Transparent & great for your interior
  • Thick enough to withstand 1200 lb pressure
  • Does not fold or curve
  • Full hardwood & carpet floor protection
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Wheels move on the mat easily
  • You don’t need to wait until it flattens
  • Might get damaged after long years of use
  • Slides a bit under the chair
  • Shipping is a slight hassle

6. Somolux Mat for Your Office

This colorless mat made of 100% polycarbonate is suitable for hard flooring only. Thus, it cannot be used on a carpet or other similar soft surfacing.

Its strong material will endure any hard pounding, and will protect your hardwood floor. When used correctly, the mat does not bend, crack, or show any unwanted imperfections.

Its PVC composition makes it safe for the environment and your health: it does not emit toxins and unpleasant odors.

To make sure your hardwood floor is protected, put the mat under your office chair. The Somolux Company has textured one side to provide a better grip for chair wheels. The textured side should face upwards and the smooth side downwards. This way, it will not slip on the floor when moving one’s chair around.

This mat is shipped in a cardboard box in a folded state. Before use, leave the box at room temperature for a while; then unfold the mat and let it rest overnight. By morning, it should be completely flat. Alternatively, you can put it in warm water, which will allow it to be easily flattened manually as soon as it becomes soft and malleable,.

Performance and Technical Issues

This Somolux mat is soft and flexible; therefore, it “hugs” your hardwood floor without leaving any gaps. It will take several days for it to flatten out and adhere properly to the floor surface. To make it flatten faster, weight the mat down with heavy objects: books, bottles of water, etc.

Unfortunately, this mat  isn’t suitable for carpeted floors .

Why Recommended

Thanks to the anti-slip coating, this mat does not slip under your chair, and it can be easily lifted and repositioned. It is very eco-friendly and durable: Made of 100% non-toxic PVC. Its transparent look will enhance your interior and suit any type of hard flooring.

You can order a version “with a lip”, a so-called appendage that goes under your desk.
  • 100% odorless PVC
  • Doesn’t trap dirt
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate and lead-free composition
  • Textured surface for better grip
  • Anti-slip back coating
  • More flexible than other mats
  • Not suitable for carpeted floors
  • Needs to be warmed to room temperature before unrolling
  • Leave overnight to let it flatten

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Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor – Buyers’ guide

While protecting your hard floor using a chair mat, it is also essential to considerably reduce fatigue on your back and legs while working behind the desk. To do this, you must ensure to select the most effective chair mat for your flooring in terms of shape, size, thickness, type of flooring, and the size of your working space. Chair mats considerably extend the life of your flooring, and floor manufacturers highly recommend them as they are included in floor warranty terms. Besides, the mat protects you from straining while reducing the risk on seat rolling over as you sit.

For hard floors, the chair mats do not have anchor points. Instead, they have a uniquely designed back side to hold firmly on the floor and a surface designed for a smooth roll of the seat casters. The mats have a straight edge and are generally thinner. The following are the factors to consider while buying a chair mat for hardwood floors;

  • Chair mat size – the best size of chair mat should cover your work space entirely as well as the range of movement of your chair within the work station. Also, you should consider buying one with a lip to cover the area under your desk too.
  • Shape – chair mats come in shapes such as rectangular and circular. If you tend to slide around a lot, a rectangular mat may work better but if you stay more stationary, around chair mat is more recommended.
  • Material and color – clear mats allow your colorful flooring to shine through. However, colored ones or the ones with patterns add a decorative touch to your floor. Regarding materials, it is essential to buy a chair mat that will last and the one that will adequately protect your floor.
  • Ease of cleaning – the material making the chair mat should be easy to roll and also resistant from water to ensure ease of cleaning.
  • Chair mat edges – the chair mats for hardwood floors generally have straight edges while the others have beveled edges. Taking this into account is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do chair mats even work?
A: Yes, an office chair mat is a good investment for the safety of your floors. Surely, you don’t want to damage expensive soft carpeting, tiling or hardwood flooring. Instead of scratching the floor surface with chair legs or wheels, get an office mat that provides excellent protection and chair maneuverability.

Q: Most of the mats don’t go with soft floors. What can I do?
A: Moving your chair wheels on a carpeted floor can be difficult. For example, the pile might interfere with the chair wheels, and lots of movement generates static electricity, which can also slows you down. Purchasing an office chair mat is a good solution. However, not all mats are suitable for soft surfaces. Take your time and study the market properly: sooner enough, you will come across an option that is perfect for your office.

Q: How thick a mat do I need?
A: Manufacturers produce mats of different thicknesses. Please note that the thicker the mat, the less it will bend under your weight. Moving chair wheels on thin mats can be challenging, while on thick and hard mats, you will not feel even the slightest resistance.


Chair mats are an essential part of any office floor. Also, it is much more important to select the right one according to the type of your floor and the type of chair mat. The ideal mats are free from toxins and are versatile to last long to ensure your flooring is always protected. Selecting the right size and type is crucial concerning your office needs. The above discussed are the most recommended chair mats for hardwood floors.

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