Best Outdoor Furniture Covers For Winter, Sun and Other Elements – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

outdoor spaceBuying covers for your patio furniture shouldn't be taken lightly. Your furniture was a significant investment in upgrading the look of your property and it's important to properly protect your investment.

At the same time, it's important to not let your budget get out of hand. You don't want to wind up spending more for your covers than you did for your furniture. With that in mind, let's take a look at the list of best outdoor furniture covers for winter and all harmful environmental factors in 2019.

Best Outdoor Furniture Covers - First Look Comparison Table

BrandBest UseMaterialLinerTie-Down TypeHandlesWarranty (Years)Price
AmazonBasics (Editor's Choice)All SeasonsWoven PolyesterVinylBuckles and Draw stringsYes1 (Limited)Check Price
Classic Accessories (runner-up)All SeasonsWoven PolyesterLaminated VinylBuckles and Draw stringsYesLifetime (Limited)Check Price
SunPatioSunny ClimatesPolyester/VinylPolyurethaneHook and LoopNo1Check Price
P.C.I.Moderate Climates, WinterVinylFleeceHook and LoopNo3-5Check Price
Duck CoversVaries by StylePolypropelenePolyesterBuckles or Hook and LoopNo2 (Limited)Check Price

1. AmazonBasics - Best Quality All Weather Patio Furniture Covers

AmazonBasics furniture coverAmazonBasics is the best all-around cover you can buy. If you're not familiar with the AmazonBasics line of products, it's basically Amazon taking advantage of all of the facilities available to them - manufacturing, developmental and logistical - and creating cost-saving every day items for their customers. The result is top-notch products at an affordable price. Their line of patio furniture covers is no exception.

The fabrics on Amazon's covers are 100 percent woven polyester, water-resistant and, of course, coated with an ultraviolet ray protectant. The lining is waterproof. The color is beige and dark brown and buyers are beginning to refer to this as a "coffee and cream" combination. The hem utilizes both a drawstring and click-close strap and lock system to ensure the covers remains secure even during hurricane-force winds. Cover protects against rain, snow and other outdoor elements.

The seams are interlocked, preventing water from seeping in.

The liner is not made from a soft fabric. However, unlike other covers listed in this article, there have been no reports of damage to furniture because of it. Avoid putting these covers in the washing machine as it may ruin the UV ray protective coating.

The covers can be a little bit larger than advertised. You'll need to secure them tightly if they're a little too big for your furniture or you risk water pooling during storms or the cover flying off during high winds.


While we'd like to see these covers with a soft liner, the click-in straps, splash guard skirt, handles for easy removal, and woven polyester outer cover make AmazonBasics our top choice for patio furniture covers. The drawstring hems, easy handling and especially the price seal the deal.

  • Convenient handles
  • Click-close snaps offer a more secure fit
  • Splash guard skirt
  • Interlocking seams to prevent water seepage
  • We would prefer that the inner liner be made of a soft fabric

2. Classic Accessories - Runner Up Choice for Best All Season Garden and Patio Covers

Classic Accessories coversClassic Accessories offers features found on some of the more expensive covers than those you would normally purchase online. Hems are elastic and almost all styles have spring loaded clasps (the Terrazano line being the exception). There are hooded air vents to allow moisture to escape while keeping the rain out.

Many of the styles have padded handles that allow you to lift off the cover without splattering water everywhere like a bad tablecloth trick. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can probably find a style and fabric that fits your patio furniture.

The Veranda, Ravenna and Montlake (R) lines are definitely a step up from the other models Classic Accessories offers. The cover is water resistant while the backings are waterproof. These covers meet the standards for California Proposition 65 compliance.

The PVC backed covers can react with a furniture's sealant or top coat. Check your furniture's owner's manual to see if this applies to you. Classic Accessories sells a riser that will keep the cover separated from the furniture.

If you live in a windy area, be sure and have extra anchors to secure the covers on all four sides. The water-resistant fabric is woven tight enough that the wind is more likely to take this cover for a ride.

There have been problems reported with removing large pools of water. You'll definitely want to create some type of dome so that the water easily rolls off.

There have been reports about covers that were purchased through merchants other than Classic Accessories were shipped inferior products. When the customer tried to return them, they were charged a substantial restocking fee. Make sure that you purchase from Classic Accessories to avoid such hassles.


Classic Accessories designs their covers with functionality in mind and they have a lot of repeat buyers that tells us they're doing something right. A mid-priced cover that does a very good job of protecting furniture from the elements. With the adjustable hems, air vents, and protective backing, Classic Accessories is definitely a brand to keep on your radar.

  • Drawstrings paired with the plastic buckles ensures the cover is secured and looks stylish
  • Top of the line warranties
  • Limited durability
  • No soft inner liner

3. SunPatio - Very Effective for Sun in Hot, Sunny Climates

SunPatioSunPatio covers are made from various thicknesses of polyester vinyl. This type of cover uses mesh openings for ventilation. Most of SunPatio's covers come in taupe and beige. The covers that protect appliances like grills and televisions come in black. All of them are treated with an ultraviolet coating to resist fading which is really their strong point. SunPatio furniture covers are best used in dry, extremely sunny climates.

The tie-downs are of the hook and loop variety. This type of Velcro fastener will wear out over time so either note that you should come up with another way to secure the covers or be able to replace the ones that came with the covers.

These are very lightweight covers and come with a reusable bag for easy storage.

Under normal use, SunPatio covers only require a seasonal cleaning with a mild detergent and soft cleaning cloth. During the season, you just spray off dirt or blow off leaves.

The cover is thin and doesn't really hold its own when some tough winds hit it. There have been reports of the material ripping and water seepage through the seams.

Final Words

While SunPatio's covers score big with easy maintenance and fade resistant materials, they miss the mark with the lack of a soft liner and noticeable water seepage at the seams. If you live in an area that doesn't see a lot of seasonal changes, such as the desert areas, these covers are a good value. If you live in an area that sees a fair amount of rain, you might want to skip these.

  • Meets California’s Proposition 65’s compliance standards
  • Reusable bag for convenient storage
  • Easily cleaned
  • The liner is not made of soft fabric but instead, it’s water-resistant polyurethane
  • Thin material can rip in a heavy wind

4. Protective Covers, Inc. - Best for Winter Protection

Protective CoversP.C.I.'s covers came in fourth in our testing. They're affordable and work best in moderate climates. It comes with a 3-year warranty. One of the outstanding traits is their soft inner liner.

At first glance, Protective Covers, Inc. patio furniture covers appear to have all of the features you're looking for: vinyl, tie-downs, waterproof and UV protection. It's a great product for winter weather protection but those who live in warmer climates are often disappointed with their purchase. Let's take a closer look at the features and fails of these covers.

These covers are made from 7 millimeters thick Dura-Gard HD vinyl and have a 4 ounce fleece lined backing. P.C.I. claims this vinyl is treated with UV coating and is water-resistant. The colors offered are gray, tan, and black (limited selection). Clean these covers by wiping them off with a soft cloth.

The soft inner lining is important for avoiding wear marks on treated furniture. This is a feature we’d like to see on more covers in future releases.

Protective Covers, Inc. makes their products with hook and loop tie-downs that wrap around the legs of your furniture. If you don't need to use them every time, it's advisable not to as this type of fastener wears out over time and are difficult to replace. Their ottoman covers use drawstring fasteners for added tightness.

There are many reports that these covers are failing after less than one year of use. The most common complaint are cracks on pieces that are exposed to a great deal of sunlight. Once the outer layer cracks, exposing the liner which soaks up the rain and won't dry out.


While P.C.I. seem to understand the basics of protecting patio furniture, the fact that many of the covers have reportedly cracked under severe sunlight indicates that they may have cut corners or possibly, their manufacturing process is compromising the integrity of the layers. If you live in a year-round sunny climate, you're better off with another brand.

  • Three-year warranty
  • Effective protection against winter elements
  • Soft inner liner protects against scratches
  • Wears out quickly in warm, sunny climates. Youll need to keep track of that warranty
  • Vinyl top layer is water resistant, not waterproof

5. Duck Covers - Best Rated for the Budget-Minded Buyer

Duck CoversDuck Covers are a good find if you're looking for a low-budget coverage solution that's more effective than a tarp. The brown and tan color pattern works well in any outdoor setting. Covers are made from either polypropylene or polyester with a polypropylene band, which are waterproof or water resistant. They do come with either locking straps or a drawstring rope with grommets to secure the covers at the base of your furniture.

These covers do a commendable job against rain. The venting system allows moisture to evaporate after a storm. Without this system, the entire cover is useless.

The company recently released their Soteria Collection which can even protect against heavy snow. The Soteria collection is gray which means it doesn’t match any of their brown, coffee-named siblings.

Duck Covers offers covers in three levels of protection: Essential is for moderate conditions; Elegant is their all-weather model; Ultimate is for furniture that needs protection against all types of weather-related unruliness.

Some chair covers can sag. Duck covers solve that problem, not by reworking the material or design, but by trying to sell you a dome that you place under the cover. They consider this a solution to their semi-custom fit design, but it's one more item you'll have to contend with on every chair.

While the color of the covers looks pleasant enough, there have been complaints that the wooden brown look actually attracts wildlife. If you have a lot of squirrels in your area, this could be a problem.

The covers are not machine washable. They can be cleaned off with warm water and a soft scrub brush.
The company also recommends removing the seat cushions to prevent mildew. Many users don't do this but have not reported any issues.


Duck Covers do the job and are affordable. They do offer multi-layer protection against the elements but it's been pointed out that the bottom layer isn't soft to avoid scratches and wear on your furniture and you may feel like you've been ripped off by having to buy a separate "solution" to their design flaws. A one to two-year warranty on most of their products makes it a safe choice but you can probably do better.

  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Great for protection against pollen and rain
  • Difficult to get the right size
  • No soft inner liner

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Buyer's Guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying covers for your patio furniture. Read through the following guidelines to make sure you purchase the best possible protection.

Recognize the Potential Threats to Your Patio Furniture

This basically comes down to knowing your own environment. Everyone is susceptible to high winds and different kinds of animals and bugs, but if you in a wooded area, you'll need to guard against rain, tree sap, leaves, bird droppings, and pollen. If you live in more of a desert area or any area that sees more sun than rain, you'll need extra protection against ultraviolet rays and dust.

The patio furniture covers that offer the best protection are usually made out of some type of high-end vinyl. Woven polyesters and Denier fabrics which are water resistant are good choices. These are usually chemically treated to offer protection against UV rays. The seams will be double-sewn or ultrasonically welded to prevent rain from seeping in.

Measure Your Furniture

Properly fitting covers are a necessity for Over-sized covers can get caught up with the wind and blow away. They can also sag which leads to rain pooling on top. Stagnant water can cause mildew and rot the fabric, causing leaks.

Measure your furniture before you start looking at fabrics and brands. This will save you a lot of time when you think you've found the perfect cover only to discover it doesn't fit your patio table.

You'll want to measure from the ground to the highest point of your furniture piece (including patio umbrellas), the widest length from point to point, and measure the depth from front to back. For round furniture like fountains and fire pits, measure the height and the diameter. The cover should not be so long that it touches the ground as ponding water on the patio or grass has the same rotting effect on fabrics. Some covers are built short on purpose in order to prevent mold and mildew from damaging the hem-line.

Choose a Cover with a Breathable Fabric

The fabric should be made of a material that is solid on top to prevent leaks but breathable on the sides to allow for drying under the furniture. If you remove the cover after a rainstorm to find that the patio underneath the furniture and furniture itself are still damp, the fabric isn't breathable.

Some manufacturers will use the same fabric for the entire cover but sew in vents that allow for moist air to escape without allowing rain to come in. The best of these also have flaps to keep the rain out. This is a great alternative to using multiple fabrics.

Choose a Patio Furniture Cover with a Soft Lining

Your patio furniture will take a lot of abuse over the years. Make sure the cover doesn't contribute to the wear and tear by choosing a cover that has a soft lining that will prevent scratches and wear on vulnerable areas. This allows for the protective layer to do its job without compromise.

Choose Covers with a Tie-Down Feature

Since the cover shouldn't touch the ground, this raises the risk of it getting blown off by heavy winds. You can minimize this threat by choosing covers made with tie-downs. These could be interlocking clips, drawstring with locking beaded ends, or hook and loop fasteners. Some covers offer a combination of these clips, improving the security of the cover.

Summing Up

The technology of protecting patio furniture is improving every day. Most all consumers should demand PVC Free covers. High-tech denier polyesters, while in demand today, will soon be replaced by materials that are manufactured with thermal regulating properties and other qualities that help stave off wear and corrosion. These will be built right into the material and not just a coating, ensuring that your covers will last for years.

Choosing the right covers for your patio furniture doesn't need to be complicated. With the right information, it's as easy as going online, selecting the right qualities and having it delivered right to your door.

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