Best Outdoor Lounge Chair – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

outdoor lounge chairWhen buying outdoor furniture, style is key, but function is also important. You need a heavy-duty outdoor lounge chair that can withstand any weather and also be comfortable.

If you have a certain look in mind for your outdoor area, you may also be particular to different colors, materials, and designs. Lounge chairs are a necessity for any patio. They provide relaxation, sun-bathing, and adjustable comfort.

We have created a list of best outdoor lounge chairs, looking at different models and review them based on design, comfort, durability, and customer satisfaction. Here is a quick comparison below:

ModelFeauturesMaterialWeight capacity, lbPrice
Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair (Editor's Choice)Foldable, All-weather Fabric, High DurabilityTubular Steel Frame, Textilene Fabric300Check Price
Timber Ridge Lounge Chair (runner-up)Foldable, All-weather Fabric, Durable, StylishSteel Frame, Polyester350Check Price
Kozyard Cozy Folding ChairFoldable, Ergonomic DesignAluminum Frame, Textilene Fabric260Check Price
RST Brands LoungerFoldable, High PortabilitySteel Frame, PVC mesh275Check Price
BestMassage LoungerWeather-resistant, Foldable, Sun Shade and Drink TrayTextiline Fabric and Steel Frame250Check Price
LIsbon Folding ChaiseExtremely Stylish, FoldableAcacia, Wood250Check Price
Newmans Aluminum ChairHigh ComfortAluminum Frame, Faux Wicker, Fabric CushionCheck Price
Sundale Chaise LoungeErgonomic ConstructionTextilene & Aluninum Frame250Check Price
Pebble Lane Living Folding LoungerStylish and Comfortable, FoldableAluminum Frame350Check Price
MEIDUO Bamboo LoungeFoldableBamboo165/220/330Check Price

The best outdoor lounge chairs in 2019 were chosen because of their high rating and high-quality design. However, which chairs have more features or what design is right for your patio decor? We discuss the pros and cons of each chair below, as well as a verdict on how we think each of these chairs will perform in your outdoor area.

1. Caravan Canopy Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair – Best Rated Folding Patio Lounge Chair

Caravan Canopy - top pick lounge chair

Caravan Canopy is a newer outdoor furniture brand that has received a lot of praise for their efficient yet stylish designs that stay within a decent budget.

These Sports Infinity Zero Gravity chairs come in a set of two and provide durable textilene fabric that stretches to provide the ultimate comfort.

The chairs are built with an extremely durable double bungee system and all-weather fabric that makes them easy to maintain.

While some outdoor chairs can be difficult to recline, this one has a dual fingertip locking system that will let you recline and lock in any position with ease. The headrest and lumbar support are also adjustable.

  • Best value
  • High strength and durable
  • Easy to move and adjust
  • Made from all weather fabric
  • Resistant to water and easy to clean
  • Multiple colors available
  • Some customers thought design was too simple


Overall, we enjoyed the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity outdoor lounge chair because of its simple design, all-weather fabric, and steel frame. It can easily fit into any patio decor, or you can fold them up and take them with you to games or the beach. It’s the perfect lounge chair for anyone who is on a budget, too.

2. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair – Runner Up & Best Modern Design

Timber Ridge - runner up lounge chair

TImber Ridge has to be one of the top outdoor furniture designers. The sleek, stylish design of this chair may make it seem like it won’t have the functional design or tensile strength of other chairs. However, this chair can support up to 350 pounds and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings on the market.

The chair is made to handle maximum capacity weight. It has a sturdy steel frame, and while the design feels upscale, it’s made from durable polyester fabric. You can recline fully and never feel like your butt is going to hit the ground thanks to the design. In addition, there are a few extras, which is why this chair is a bit more expensive. We like the added touch of natural wood on the arm rests as well.

  • Durable design for all-weather use
  • Great design features, includes cupholder and headrest
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Supports up to 350 lbs
  • Expensive for one chair


One of the things that makes this chair so great is the design. Even though it’s portable and durable, the chair has the perfect color palette to fit into your decor. One drawback is the price and quantity. However, the little extras and additional weight capacity make it a great chair for those who want supreme comfort and durability.

3. Kozyard Cozy Folding Chair – Most Comfortable Outside Pool Lounge Chair


Kozyard provides high-quality aluminum outdoor furniture, like this folding reclining chaise that’s perfect for your patio decor or as a lounge chair for the beach. We tested this chair’s fabric for its tension and comfort, and while the textilene does stretch, it’s not made for those over 300 lbs.

However, as a light and sturdy chaise lounger, you can take this thing anywhere. The ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable, and there are five adjustable positions.

The fabric is resistant to water and oil, as well as UV rays. You can fold this thing up and take it with you on any camping or beach trip, or just make it a permanent part of your sun-bathing deck or pool area.

  • Light and sturdy
  • Easily folds into a compact size
  • Multiple colors
  • UV-resistant and waterproof
  • Bit expensive for one chair
  • Doesn’t have XL capacity support

Final Words

We think that the Kozyard aluminum folding chaise would do well in any patio situation, unless you have a specific decor that requires wood or something a bit more upscale. Despite the design, it’s a comfortable, well-made chaise that easily folds up to go with you on those beach trips. Otherwise, it’s resistant to all weather and UV rays, and the fabric is easy to clean off with a quick spritz of a water hose.

4. RST Brands Original Orbital Zero Gravity Lounger

RST Brands Original Orbital Zero Gravity Lounger

The design of the RST Brands chair is made for portability. This lounger has been on the market for awhile and has gotten a lot of attention from those who want a chair that easily folds and unfolds.

You can take this with you anywhere due to its compact design, and you’ll get a lot of compliments when unfolded due to its spherical armrests and support legs.

The RST Brands orbital lounger can hold up to 275 lbs, which makes it a little above average for support. You’ll feel like you are supported for the most part, but the chair can be difficult to get out of, especially if you have back issues. The real selling point for this chair is that it can fold down to just 8 inches wide and weighs just 15 lbs.

  • Made for portability and compact design
  • Unique style
  • Multiple colors
  • Great value (for certain colors)
  • Chair can be difficult to get out of if you weigh more than 250 lbs and have back issues
  • Prices vary widely, make sure to find the best price
While we like the differences in design with this chaise, it’s clear that there are some flaws to the suspension of this design. It won’t be too much of a problem if you have long legs and can get used to the way it sinks down, but otherwise, you may find it difficult to get in and out of it you have any type of joint or back issues. The design is eye-catching, and it comes in a variety of colors.

5. BestMassage Zero Gravity Lounger (2 PCS)

BestMassage Zero Gravity Lounger

We really enjoy the comfort and functional design of this chair. It has a locking recline system, as well as elastic chords that help the chair fit to your body. This makes it a great chair for those who have joint and back problems. In addition, we found that the chair was easy to adjust and fold, allowing for quick transport wherever we were headed.

The double bungee support system really helps to support higher weights, but the specifications only go up to 250-pounds. Despite this, the other features of the chair make up for the weight capacity limits. It comes with a sun shade and drink tray, which makes it an all-around perfect chair for lounging. Weather-resistant and made from textilene fabric, there aren’t any other bells and whistles when it comes to the design or color selections.

  • Great value for two chairs
  • Weather-resistant
  • Includes sun shade and drink tray
  • Comfort pillow included
  • Only 250-pound weight capacity
It is a great addition to any patio if you want to sunbathe or just relax outside. While it’s not exactly the most portable chair, you get a lot of value for the price. The set comes with two double bungee support system chairs that can support up to 250 pounds. Even with these issues, the expansion size, drink tray, and sun shade make up for the lack of higher weight capacity. If you’re looking for a great deal on outdoor furniture, this is a steal.

6. Great Deal Furniture LIsbon Outdoor Folding Chaise

LIsbon Outdoor Folding Chaise

Designed for style, it is made of acacia and eucalyptus wood. While you can fold it up, you probably won’t want to take it with you as they are quite heavy. These chairs are comfortable but not that great if you have back pain and want more cushion.

These chairs are extremely stylish, so they would be a perfect match to any wood style or tropical decor for an outdoor patio area. Customers are highly satisfied with the product, other than needing to add your own cushion support. You can use pillows and towels so that the wood doesn’t stick to your skin.

  • High-quality wood design
  • Made of acacia and eucalyptus wood
  • Can be uncomfortable if you have back issues
  • Need additional towel or pillow to keep wood from sticking to skin
The look of these chaise loungers is stunning in any outdoor scene. If you want to achieve a high-quality tropical look, you will love the way that the curved loungers look beside your pool and within a background of palm trees. While it can support higher weights, it’s not that comfortable or forgiving if you have back issues, particularly in the lower back. You will need to add a support pillow or towel to make it more comfortable.

7. Newmans Outdoor Aluminum Chair

Outdoor Aluminum Chair

Ah, the good life! This Newmans Outdoor Lounge is water resistant and comes with two pieces, including a chair and ottoman. While made from wicker, the cushion is quite comfortable. It comes with all the pillows and comforts that you’ll need to relax in your patio area, and the design goes with any upscale brown and tan decor.

While it’s not a traditional patio chair, you’ll get comfort and design from this chair. It’s also water resistant and UV-proof, so it won’t fade in the sun. Unfortunately, you can’t take this chair with you, so you should expect to add it to your poolside or outdoor area for permanent comfort. For just one chair, the price also tends to be a bit expensive, but this could be your favorite lounge chair for long-term outdoor use.

  • Long-term durability, high comfort
  • High-quality, water-resistant design
  • Well-made, dark wicker and beige cushions
  • Made from wicker
  • Very expensive for one chair
While we love the style and unique comfort of this chair, the price is definitely for someone who wants to create an atmosphere. With that in mind, the comfort and look of the chair is superb. You won’t find a higher-quality outdoor piece that also provides cushion and lounging relaxation. In addition, it’s resistant to water and UV rays, while also providing some storage and table features. You’ll get a lot of use out of this chair if you have the budget for it.

8. Sundale All Weather Chaise Lounge

Sundale Chaise Lounge

This sleek, black aluminum chaise lounger from Sundale is all you need in the summer to relax in total comfort. It comes with a headrest cushion, UV-resistant and waterproof textilene fabric, and it’s easy to maintain. You can simply spray it down to remove dirt and leaves.

The ergonomic sling-seat construction makes it easy for anyone to find comfort and back support. However, the weight limit suggests it’s only good for up to 250 pounds.

The modern look of this chair is what truly sells it. While it’s not exactly the easiest to fold, it is extremely comfortable when fully expanded. We wouldn’t suggest this lounger is the best for a beach trip, but it could work well for camping or even as an additional bed indoors when you have company. It’s that comfortable.

  • Quite comfortable
  • Sleek design
  • Headrest and back support
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not the most affordable chair
  • Doesn’t fold up easily, little portability
Despite the expense, this chair is an all-around great pick for outdoor use because of its design and comfort. While there aren’t too many bells and whistles, you get an extremely comfortable lounger with built-in headrest that can resist all weather and UV-rays. This is definitely for someone who is looking for a minimalist patio decor and likes a sleek black look.

9. Pebble Lane Living Weather Chaise Folding Lounger – High Comfort and Design

Pebble Lane Chaise Folding Lounger

Stylish and comfortable is a hard mix to pull off with outdoor furniture, but Pebble Lane’s pieces are all about high-quality pieces that match modern decor. This is an adjustable folding aluminum lounger, so it’s very light and expands all the way to a flat position.

While the specifications state it’s quite durable and weather-resistant, there are some customer reviews that state the chair’s color has faded over time.

You can easily maintain this lounger as its made to be hosed off. The fabric and powder coating also make it salt and chlorine resistant, which makes it a perfect lounger to go poolside or on your deck. The aluminum frame and lightweight fabric also make it easy to fold up and carry with you.

  • Very stylish
  • Comfortable design with large headrest
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Expensive for one chaise lounge
  • Only comes in beige
Though we know it’s not going to be in everyone’s budget, the large headrest and simple design on this chair make it a good pick for any patio area. In addition, the portability adds some points as well. The frame is lightweight, so you can simply fold up and take it with you on any beach or camping trip.

10. Rocking Chairs MEIDUO Chaise Bamboo Lounge – Most Durable and Stylish

MEIDUO Chaise Bamboo Lounge

Rocking Chairs makes a few wooden outdoor furniture pieces that will look great in any tropical, poolside setting. It can be used as a chair or extended for a full lounge. The bamboo material makes it a stylish piece, but its ergonomic shape and warm finish make it more comfortable than other wooden loungers.

You can adjust this lounger with five different levels. You can also upgrade for a longer extension. While made to look like a permanent piece of furniture, it’s actually pretty portable as well. You can fold it up and carry with you, though it’s not as lightweight as aluminum chairs.

  • Perfect blend of style and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable and easy to clean
  • Supports higher load-bearing capacities (up to 330 lbs)
  • Can be quite expensive for one chair
Depending on the size you need, this chair is a great piece to add to your patio ensemble. You will be able to lounge in it, fully extended, while also getting some higher design from the warm finish of the bamboo. With adjustable levels and an extension table, you can quickly lean back and relax in this lounger, though you may want to add a towel or cushion for additional support.

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Best Outdoor Lounge Chair – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to picking out well-designed outdoor furniture, you can’t skip on the functional features. You want a piece that will withstand the test of time and not fall apart because it’s your favorite chair. Most of the chairs on our list are ergonomic and made to support a number of body types. As you look for your own outdoor furniture, you should check the fabric and weight capacity to ensure that it will work for your family.

Pick the Right Style. There are various types of patio furniture out there, whether you are looking for wicker, wood, aluminum, or steel. Which one is the best? It really depends on how long you want the furniture to last and whether it meets your style requirements. Here are a few things to note about each type:

Wood Patio Furniture

Wood is the standard for most indoor and outdoor furniture pieces throughout history. However, it’s not all made for outdoor use. There are special treatments that outdoor wood furniture needs in order to remain clean and long-lasting. Typically, outdoor furniture made from teak is the highest grade because the wood is very dense and strong, providing resistance against weather and pests. In addition, the gold tones and fine graining make it a beautiful design choice. However, mahogany and eucalyptus are also good for outdoor furniture.

Why Wood Furniture?

Mostly wood is chosen for the style and design appeal. The rustic beauty tends to fit into both tropical and contemporary settings.

Metal Patio Furniture

Strength and durability define this class, but it’s the portability of aluminum outdoor furniture that will sell you if you want to take your lounger on beach and camping trips. There are a number of different designs that can be created with welding metal as well. In addition, steel and treated aluminum can stand the test of time out in the sun and rain.

Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker has been the go-to for outdoor furniture since the early 1900s. This is because of how weather-resistant the material is. You can achieve a natural, earthy look even though the material is typically made from plastic and synthetics. This is why it can withstand all weather types.


The highest quality outdoor lounge isn’t always going to be the most expensive. We think it’s a blend of design and functionality, as well as comfort. Ultimately, we picked a lounge chair that ticked off several boxes, including durability, portability, relaxation, ergonomic design, multiple colors, and higher weight capacity.

Our top choice is the Caravan Canopy Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair because of its comfort, design, and price. You really can’t beat the price for two chairs, and it includes a headrest as well as a foldable design. You’ll enjoy going to the beach or just lounging by your pool with this essential lounge chair.

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