Best Spray Paint For Metal – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

3 spray paintsNowadays paint coatings are in great demand. It can be explained by their unique peculiarities of protection. First of all, the paint protects the surface from external factors (such as moisture, oxygen, UV light etc.).

Secondly, the paint helps to make the product beautiful and more attractive.

Currently, there is a great variety of paint coatings which differ not only by their characteristics and structure but the way of its applying. To make the right choice you should take into account the definite tasks. We’d like to stress that the universal paints for overall purposes are sprays. They are paints which are placed in the high-pressure can.

I have selected the best spray paints for metal furniture.

NamePaint TypeMain featuresPusher\triggerDrying timePaint consumption (1 kan per sq. Ft.)UV protectionPrice
Rust Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra CoverPolishImproved adhesion, anti-corrosion featuresSoft pusher with wide pad60 minutesNot more than 15 sq. feet+Check Price
Krylon Diversified BrandsPolishImproved adhesion, anti-corrosion featuresSoft pusher with expanded pad for finger60 minutesNot more than 15 sq. feet+Check Price
Krylon Dual Paint + PrimerPolishImproved adhesion + precoatSoft pusher with wide pad for finger60 minutesNot more than 15 sq. feet+Check Price
Rust-OleumPolish MetallicImproved adhesionTrigger30 minutesNot more than 15 sq. feet+Check Price
Rust Bright CoatPolish MetallicImproved adhesion, anti-corrosion featuresSoft pusher with wide pad for finger60 minutesNot more than 15 sq. feet+Check Price

1. Rust Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover, unique formula for coating the surface

Rust Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover is a universal paint that is suitable for most types of surfaces:

  • wood;
  • weaving;
  • metal;
  • gypsum;
  • unglazed ceramics.

This paint has a unique formula that provides deep penetration into the pores of the painted surfaces, thus creating a resistant layer. At the same time, the Fast-Dry formula makes the paint resistant to chipping and fading, as well as UV-resistant, so that it can be used in open air.

Rust Oleum Touch 2X Ultra Cover has a unique technology of double surface coating, thanks to which the process of painting is speeded up twice. This makes the drawing process much easier and faster.

The unique spray provides you the ability of covering surface to increase twice, comparing with other brands. At the same time, you can paint from any angle with maximum comfort. You can do all this due to a thoughtful spray tip. There are many colors to choose from, so the artist has no limits for his or her imagination and creativity. This paint has the following advantages:

  • It can be used to paint most types of surfaces;
  • The ability to cover surface increases twice;
  • It is resistant to chipping and fading;
  • Really quick drying;
  • It can be sprayed at any angle;
  • Great variety of color palette.

  • UV – resistance
  • Fast drying-up
  • Chipping and fading resistance
  • No trigger for more convenient spraying
  • Low volume

2. Krylon Diversified Brands, best solution to avoid environmental effects

Krylon Diversified Brands is a really perfect solution for protecting surfaces from environmental effects and to prevent corrosion.

Due to the unique formula, the paint penetrates deep into the pores of the surfaces and adheres well to them.

In addition, the paint is moisture resistant and is protected from UV rays.

The main feature of this paint is that before painting the surface does not need to be prepared (polish and prime).

The paint includes primer and other substances that provide deep penetration, adhesion and durability of the paint.

For convenience, the can is equipped with a light pushing tip. Thanks to this, the hand and fingers will not get tired. In addition, the spray system provides uniform distribution of paint and a beautiful layer on the surface. Krylon Diversified Brands is great for painting smooth surfaces that other paints do not stick to:

  • plastics;
  • laminate;
  • polish and raw metal;
  • melamine;
  • bare wood etc.

Krylon Diversified Brands paint is an excellent choice for both street artists and surface processing for UV protection and moisture attack.

  • Moisture-resistance
  • Improved adhesion
  • Easy to use
  • Good for outdoor metal furniture
  • No trigger for more convenient spraying
  • Low volume

3. Krylon Dual Paint + Primer, efficient mixture of a primer and paint

Krylon Dual Paint + Primer is paint with unique features that greatly simplify the process of applying a paint coating to the surface to protect it from the environment.

The peculiarity of this paint is that it combines a primer and paint in one bottle.

Therefore, you do not need to pre-prepare the surface. Moreover, the unique formula provides a two-layer primer, which significantly increases the durability of the coating under all conditions.

For applying paint on the surface can is equipped with a unique spray, providing a uniform layer without smudges and stains. The soft pusher provides ease of use as well as easy adjustment of the pressure force. Due to this, your hands will not get tired, and during work, you will be able to easily adjust the spray intensity. Thanks to its improved adhesion, Krylon Dual Paint + Primer is an excellent product for such complex surfaces as:

  • aluminum;
  • grinding and raw metal;
  • wood;
  • concrete;
  • ceramics;
  • weaving;
  • glass;
  • stone;
  • plaster etc.
Thanks to the unique formula and spray design, working with this paint, you get a double primer and an even layer of paint, which is excellent against UV rays, water and is resistant to chips and other mechanical damage. And keep in mind that there is no need in surface preparing.
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Soil and paint in one
  • UV and moisture-resistance
  • Durability
  • No trigger for more convenient spraying
  • Low volume

4. Rust-Oleum, best paint for rusty metal

Rust-Oleum 261413 is a unique spray paint which fits any types of surfaces. The can contains 11 oz. The given paint deeply penetrates into the pores of painted surfaces and has the perfect adhesion. It suits different materials including hard smooth surfaces such as:

  • glass;
  • plastics;
  • brushed and raw (unprocessed) metal;
  • aluminum;
  • bare wood;
  • concrete;
  • stone;
  • fiberglass and etc.

The paint Rust-Oleum 261413 has unique oil formula which consists of materials that are not only corrosion protected but also rust-preventing. Besides, this paint has improved adhesion, fade-resistant, and it is also UV-chips-and mechanical damages – resistant.

The paint dries up during 30 minutes the result of which is nice even layer with metallic glitter. Due to all these factors, Rust-Oleum 261413 provides the best result and durability.

Much attention should be drawn to the paint spray system. Rust-Oleum 261413 is equipped with a convenient trigger which makes the use of can very easy.

Moreover, the trigger allows adjusting force of pressure thus providing spray intensity. We can add that the spray system promotes efficient paint consumption with equal covering. One can is enough to cover 15 square feet.

  • Paint Metallic
  • Convenient trigger for spraying
  • Improved adhesion
  • Fast dry-up
  • Low volume

5. Rust Bright Coat, Durable and reliable spray paint

Rust-Oleum Bright Coat spray paint has different features, but rust prevention is one of the most valuable.

This paint has a unique formula that allows paint molecules to penetrate deep into the pores of the painted surfaces and reliably adhere to them.

This product has excellent adhesion and resistance to UV rays, moisture and mechanical damages.

The paint is also resistant to fading, which ensures the durability of the applied layer.

Due to its features, Rust Bright Coat paint is excellent for painting such complex materials as:

  • aluminum;
  • wood;
  • fiberglass;
  • ceramics;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • stone;
  • concrete.

The can is equipped with a push bar with a wide pad for finger and soft pressure that allows easy regulating pressure and spray intensity. Besides, the spray system allows painting under any angle even upside down. In this situation an equal layer without any smudges and stains. The paint dries up in 60 minutes.

Rust Bright Coat is a universal resistant paint Metallic that perfectly fits for processing any surfaces and giving them beautiful metallic glitter. One can is enough to process up to 12 square feet.

  • Improved adhesion
  • UV and moisture-resistance
  • Fast drying-up
  • Low volume
  • No trigger for more convenient spraying

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Buyer’s Guide

The choice of paint

There are evident advantages of sprays:

  • Easy to use – the can is of small size. It is always closed. But in case you need it, you just must press the push bar after that the paint starts to leave the can in the form of a fine mist. When you finish working, the paint left in the can will not dry-up because the can is always closed due to which there is no air access inside. Moreover, for painting surface, you don’t need any brushes and rollers. The paint is sprayed through a special tip. So we can definitely say that spray paint has the same applying technology as the atomizer. But apart from the atomizer, spray paint doesn’t require any electricity or compressor for making pressure that is necessary for spraying.
  • Universality – spray paints can be used for painting any surfaces. But there are some exceptions. It is necessary to underline that spray paints can be very different. This diversity consists in their different structure or various purpose of the application. But in general, they are of overall usage. They can suit any surfaces. Besides, these spray paints can be used even for open-air surfaces.
  • Fast dry-up – the fact of dry-up speed is very important for street works as the weather can greatly change in a moment. It is also very convenient because in 30-60 minutes after painting the product can be used without fear of wiping the paint or getting stained.
  • Soil and paint in one – paints presented on our site have a unique structure that provides simultaneously both a primer and finishing coloring. Due to this fact, you don’t have to make preliminary preparations. Moreover, the structure of presented paints includes such components which are corrosion-resistant. Owing to such features, the paint lasts longer and is resistant to chipping, scratching, UV light and moisture. To wash off this paint you can use only some special dissolvent or sandblast.

Besides all the factors mentioned above, spray paint is very convenient and practical. You can make nice even layer without any extra equipment. There is also one option Metallic in the paints range. This option is used for providing surface with metallic glitter.

The peculiarities of spray paints

The peculiarities of the presented spray paints can include:

  • Spraying under any angles. Owing to the well-developed tip system, the paint is sprayed under any angle. Moreover, unique paint supply system allows using the can in very inconvenient conditions, i.e. when you take it upside down. As a result, you always have a nice even layer without any smudges and stains.
  • Efficiency. A unique spray system makes not only a flat and fine mist of paint but also provides cost-effective consumption of paint. Meanwhile, the spray jet has a clear direction and the paint doesn’t splash in the opposite sides. Due to this fact, one can is enough for processing the area up to 15 square feet.
  • Formula with improved adhesion. For processing hard surfaces such as glass, ceramics, plastics etc. there required special paints and special preliminary preparation of the surface (e.g. soils, heating and so on). We have chosen spray paints that have improved adhesion due to which the paint not only penetrates deeply in the material but also strongly adheres to the surfaces. It is very difficult to wash off or damage the paint layer after drying.
  • Soft push bar for adjusting spray intensity. You should consider the power of pressing the push bar while working with the spray paint. Thus, you can adjust the spray intensity. We have selected such spray paints that have a soft push bar with a wide finger pad for more convenient work and easier adjusting the spray intensity. Besides our site presents the option with the trigger (Rust-Oleum) that makes the work with the pain easy and cozy.

Due to these paint peculiarities presented on the site, and with their help you can process any surfaces even the hardest ones. As a result of using these paints, you can always have a nice even layer without any smudges and stains.


Spray paint is extremely convenient in the case of quick surface processing and its protection from moisture. That’s why paints must be moisture-resistant. All spray paints offered by our site are perfectly moisture-resistant. Moreover, the fact that they dry-up very fast and the risk of washing the paint minimize it greatly. It is very important that painting is done in the open air. After the paint dries-up, it is absolutely not affected by water. The paint can be washed only by special dissolvent.


Adhesion in Latin means sticking. In this very case, the parameter defines how strong the grip of paint with the surface will be. The adhesion is the main feature while working with paints especially for surface protection and making them more beautiful. So, in this case, the better adhesion the better the protection will be, the longer the covering will be. Besides, the index of adhesion allows covering paint on such difficult surfaces as ceramics, aluminum,

glass, plastics, ground and raw metal etc. we have selected the best types of spray paints which have the unique formula with the improved adhesion. Due to this fact it can be covered at any surfaces types.

The trigger for spraying

While working with spray paints one of the main points is convenience because your fingers will be tired of long-term working. Because of this reason we have selected only those brands that produce push bar softer and more convenient. Owing to this fact you can easily regulate the power of pushing and spray intensity. Not only your fingers won’t get tired but you can cover more even and nicer layer without any smudges and stains. It should be noted that we have selected some options of spray paints with the trigger instead of the push bar. The trigger is more convenient as pressing the push bar is made with a special trigger located in the front which is similar to the atomizer’s trigger. This fact makes the work more cozy and convenient.

The speed of drying-up

The time of paint drying-up depends on its formula. We have selected different types of paints which have various indexes of the speed of drying-up. It will allow you to choose the most suitable option as it is not always necessary for paint to dry-up immediately. On the site there presented spray paints whose time of drying-up is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you work in the open air, and the drying-up must be fast, it’s better to choose Rust-Oleum. Its time of drying-up is 30 minutes. But if the work is delicate and there is a need in finishing layer correction, the options with a longer drying period will be better.


Nowadays there are many various options for paints which have different structures. We have selected the most suitable options which consist of ground and other things improving adhesion and preventing corrosion. All paints presented on the site have ground in their structure. It gives you the opportunity to get rid of preliminary surface processing before painting. In this case, the paint falls evenly and penetrates deeply into the pores of processed surface. Besides, the unique structure of the offered paints makes them mechanical damage and chips – resistant. Due to this fact covering lasts very long.


If the processed surfaces are in the open air or if they are affected by UV lamps, the very important here is the feature of UV-resistant. We can stress that this parameter is one of the most significant because of UV effect the paint fade and lose their peculiarities and become not so attractive. The site presents the paints of well-known brands that have improved UV-protection. Due to this fact, the paint doesn’t fade and covered surfaces keep their attractive look. It also protects the surface from harmful UV effect.

Paint supply system

Painting works are often held in hard conditions, or put the paint under the angle or keep the can upside down. In such situation more spray paints will be useless because if you turn the can upside down, the paint won’t supply and the pressure inside the can will decrease fast. We have selected the spray paints which have unique paint supply system due to which you may use the can in any position even upside down. Even in this case, the paint falls evenly.


The spraying system is a very important parameter for spray paints. It strongly affects the evenness of the layer and the availability of smudges or spaces. The site provides the best paints of the premium class which are equipped with unique sprayers that equally distribute the paint from the can making the nicest and even layer. Besides, the paint consumption greatly depends on the sprayer. All the products presented on the site are very effective due to the well-developed sprayer. One can will be enough for covering 12-15 square feet with a finishing layer.

The types of surfaces

Before buying the spray paint it is very important to identify which surface you want to process. The great number of modern paints works with only easy surfaces such as processed wood, concrete, fabric etc. These materials have large pores, thus the paints easily penetrate inside making a strong layer. But better spray paints are necessary for processing hard surfaces such as glass, ceramics, plastics, aluminum, bare wood etc. We have selected these very brands and presented them on our site. Make familiar with options and choose the most suitable ones. All the paints presented on the site have a unique formula which helps to use them for processing the hardest materials such as glass, ceramics, and stone, concrete, plaster, plastics, brushed aluminum etc.


We have selected the unique spray paints from well-known manufacturers. Such paints have a lot of advantages and peculiarities. This fact makes them the perfect choice for any surfaces. Besides, there is a very wide range of colors at artist’s or designer’s choice. The site also presents some paint option, such as Metallic for providing the surface with metallic glitter. The paints of offered brands have improved adhesion and UV and fading protection. Due to all these facts and with their help you can provide the surface with reliable protection from harmful factors and make it beautiful and more attractive.

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